You've thrown out your back... what do you do?

The moment the back makes a popping sound, the initial reaction is to pause. And then there comes hope with a tinge of denial. You hope it’s not what you think it is. Until the inevitable wave of pain courses through your body and probably, paralyzes you, That’s when you confirm your fears. You’ve thrown out your back.

Perhaps you were lifting a heavy object, or playing your favorite sports or doing some other difficult kind of manual labor. Or perhaps you had an existing injury preceding this one. None of these will matter much because your back is on fire, and overthinking the cause won’t change anything. But you will probably worry about the debilitating effects of your injury. How will you work to pay your bills? How can you do the things you love when you have a painful back injury?

If you’re asking these questions, we’re here to help. Below we will share a list of things to do when you throw out your back. Our hacks will cover back pain caused by subluxation of the spine, muscle strains, and major trauma.

Call Your Upper Cervical Chiropractor.

A back injury is no joking matter. So the first thing to do when you develop a back injury is to call your upper cervical chiropractor. You’re probably wondering, why a specific chiropractor? I’ll explain. Unlike any other specialist, a specific chiropractor will take a whole-body, drug-free, multidisciplinary approach to set off the healing process in your body.

But before any care plan is dispensed, the specific chiropractic will extract your medical history. The next step will include using a digital x-ray to diagnose the extent of your back injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, your chiropractic care provider will deliver specific chiropractic adjustments that will restore bone and joint function, forestall possible future injuries and provide back pain relief.

According to a recent study, military veterans (who were the subjects in this study) reported significantly less lower back pain and increased body function, after they’d received chiropractic care. If you have a specific chiropractor’s number on speed dial, make that call.

While you’re waiting to receive chiropractic and/or other kinds of orthopedic care, you can try out the following therapeutic practices.

Rest on a firm orthopedic mattress.

Immediately your back makes that popping sound, sit down and rest for a while. If there is someone around, or if you can manage on your own, go to your bedroom and lie down on a mattress.

Resting allows the injured muscle or joint or bone to repair itself. Resting also helps to curb inflammation.

Use lumbar rolls or lower back supports

While you’re resting on your orthopedic mattress, support your back with special pillows. Put a pillow under your head and another between your legs. The goal is to reduce the pressure on your back.

Alternatively, you can place a rolled-up towel behind the curvature of your lower back. In medicalese, this is called a lumbar roll. Not only will this help you sleep comfortably, it will also reduce the pain and promote the healing of the injury.

Ice packs soothe lower back pains

You’ve probably heard about cold compresses. That’s another word for massaging your lower back with fabric-covered ice packs. Start by massaging your lower back for ten minutes. After a three to five minute break, you can resume the ice pack massage for another 12 to 15 minutes. Slowly increase the duration of the massages. With time, you will feel some relief, More importantly, don’t forget to wrap the ice packs in a thick cloth before you commence the massage. To do otherwise is to risk damaging your skin.

Final Thoughts On What To Do When You Throw Out Your Back.

If you’ve thrown out your back, don’t just wait it out at home. Medicines, rest and lumbar rolls are good, but they will only provide temporary relief from your back pain. Chiropractic care, on the other hand, will hasten the recovery process. To get rid of that debilitating back injury, consult a specific chiropractor who will listen to you and provide the care that you need to heal permanently.

Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Dr Addison Bulosan, is experienced in caring for back injury patients. He has cared for patients who had personal injuries, automobile crash injuries and other cases of major trauma. For more than ten years, Dr Addison Bulosan has maintained an excellent practice in Lihue, Hawaii.

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