Should You See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of life’s monumental events. It inspires feelings of joy, and induces moments of intense pain. Yeah, you know about all the back pains, ligament pains and all the agony that expecting mothers have to go through during gestation. Now, add nausea, pelvic imbalance and posture problems to the constant pain, and you guessed it—life becomes hell on earth.

You can’t sleep, can’t move around without wailing or wincing. Ouch! Gynecologists often attribute these pains, discomfort and feelings of stress to the innumerable physical and hormonal changes in the pregnant woman’s body. These experts suggest that the changes are necessary for the baby’s growth and development. 

However, you can feel better when you receive chiropractic care. The world is full of pregnant women who benefitted from immensely from specific upper cervical care. Testimonials range from unwound tense nervous systems to fewer or no symptoms of morning sickness. Here, you’ll learn all about the benefits of prenatal chiropractic care. You’ll also see why you should get chiropractic care during pregnancy.

To restore nervous system function 

During pregnancy, many physiological and endocrinololgical changes occur in the body. Most of these changes can lead to nervous system dysfunction. This explains why most expectant mothers complain of pains, insomnia, stress-related illnesses and so on.  

Take Liz’s case, for instance. Her first pregnancy was marred by painful memories of sleeplessness, stress, pains and discomfort. She always felt tense and disoriented. Here’s how she explained it during our interview, “My body felt like hell.” Over-the-counter pain relief medications didn’t make any difference. So she sought chiropractic care. The upper cervical chiropractor delivered specific chiropractic adjustments that improved the functioning of her nervous system. The overall result was an improvement in the body’s ability to communicate efficiently and to cope with stressors. Liz’s nervous system became tranquil and coordinated. “I felt brand new after my first visit to the specific chripractic’s office,” she said.

According to one collaborative chiropractic and medical research study, three-quarters of expectant mothers experienced relief from pain after they’d received chiropractic care. Another research also showed that chiropractic care helped to resolve issues that were related to the nervous system.

If you’ve been feeling stressed blocked and uncoordinated during your pregnancy, perhaps it’s time to see a specific chiropractor.

To Re-establish Pelvic Balance and Alignment

Expectant mothers often complain about a lack of balance and a shifting center of gravity. And it’s easy to see why. As the baby bump increases, the woman’s weight increases as well. This weight increase dramatically changes the pregnant mother’s center of gravity. Sometimes, she’ll lose her balance, stumble and probably, fall.

Getting chiropractic care during pregnancy is one simple non-invasive way to solve or prevent pelvic imbalance and misalignment.

A misaligned pelvis can interfere with the baby’s growth and development. Because the misalignment reduces the available space in the pelvis, the baby may experience difficulty when positioning its body for delivery.

Need I say more? For an easy, non-invasive delivery, obtain chiropractic care during pregnancy.

Reduces Common Morning Sickness Symptoms Such As Nausea and Tiredness

Contrary to popular opinion, morning sickness doesn’t always abate after a few weeks. For many, the symptoms⁠—vomiting, fatigue, tiredness and body pains⁠—will last throughout the gestation period.

Except chiropractic care is introduced.

Tara shared her experience with us. Midway through her second trimester, she decided that she’d had enough of the symptoms of nausea. She visited an upper cervical chiropractor who had ten years experience in prenatal and perinatal care. After her first visit, she observed that the symptoms of nausea had vanished. “I  couldn’t believe it,” she wrote.  “I continued to visit my specific chiropractor until my baby arrived.”

 Final Thoughts of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy.

It is safe to get chiropractic care during pregnancy. A different technique is employed for specific chiropractic adjustments. This approach is called the Webster technique. This technique doesn’t put pressure on the bump. However, there are rare occasions when gynecologists advise against it. You shouldn’t consider getting chiropractic care if you are experiencing the following symptoms.

  • Placenta previa: when the placenta implants in the lower part of the abdomen.
  • Ectopic pregnancy: when the fetus is developing outside the womb.
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Toxemia: a pregnancy-induced condition characterized by oedema, protein in the urine and hypertension.

If you aren’t experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, consider getting chiropractic care. Not only will you achieve better pelvic balance and alignment, you’ll also feel stronger and pain-free. Regular appointments with a chiropractor during pregnancy will definitely benefit your baby by creating more room for your baby to get into position for delivery.

Dr Addison Bulosan is one of the few upper cervical chiropractic specialists who are experienced in prenatal and perinatal care. For more than ten years, Dr Addison Bulosan has maintained an excellent practice in Lihue, Hawaii. 

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